Do you want to take your drumming to the next level?

Bristol Drum Lessons

Have you been playing the drums for a few years and now keen to improve your chops? Are you interested in smooth technique and knowing more about the different elements of rhythm? 

Would you like to know about polymeters and how to play them? Or perhaps you’d like to study Jazz ? 

If the answer is yes then hit me up for a lesson at




Learn in my studio in hanham

I teach in Hanham, Bristol and offer a one hour lesson every two weeks. This gives students enough time to work on the material covered in each lesson.  

Lessons take place on an acoustic drum kit and on a one to one basis. 

The fee for a one hour lesson is £40.

My Method

I teach mainly from the Benny Greb Language of Drumming Book and DVD. He’s a big inspiration and for me, the way he has broken down rhythm into letters and words just makes sense.

It’s a method that can be applied to any style and can be viewed as a rudimental approach for the drum set.

A certain level of skill is required to get started with this material which is why I primarily teach intermediate to advanced players.

I can also assist with preparing for grading exams 4 to 8.


What People Are Saying

 It’s been a pleasure working with many talented songwriters and producers over the years. 

Gavin is a great teacher, who helped me develop my drumming ability quickly and enjoyably. Very knowledgable and friendly teaching style, would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to progress their drumming!

Eric Sanders

Drummer Bath, UK

Great teacher! Gavin’s got a relaxed yet thorough approach to teaching that makes leaning the drums fun and rewarding. Highly recommended!

Billy Butler

Drummer Bristol, UK

I’ve been having lessons for over 6 months now and couldn’t be happier. Gavin is friendly and professional and I feel that I’m progressing well. I look forward to each lesson so he’s doing something right!

Pete Dalton

Songwriter & Drummer



Bristol, UK.